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One only has to look at news coverage of the massive marches around the world to know that people today are passionate about climate change and social justice.  But beyond marching and other volunteer efforts, what can individuals do to make lasting, meaningful progress on these issues?  The K-State Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning (LARCP) has an answer: consider turning your passion into your career.  Landscape architects and planners have been advancing these causes for decades and we invite you to bring your energy and enthusiasm to our shared work for a sustainable and just world.

Climate change and social justice are complex, large-scale issues and can seem overwhelming- even paralyzing- at times.  What’s more, misinformation on these topics abounds.  We in LARCP believe that, besides heart, the most powerful thing in the world is the exchange of ideas and knowledge.  We have created this exhibit to provide first- or new-career seekers with the following:

  • a collection of reliable sources of information on climate change and social justice, and

  • interviews with landscape architects and planners about the actual work they are doing to address these issues

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Our Disciplines

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architects...

  • Deeply value healthy and vibrant human experience and ecological communities.

  • Advocate for the conservation and restoration of natural and cultural resources.

  • Design outdoor environments foster connection, inclusivity, equity, and sustainability.

Regional & Community Planning

Regional & Community Planners . . .

  • Deeply value the importance of neighborhood, workplaces, recreation, and transportation in citizens’ quality of life.

  • Advocate for thoughtful urban, suburban, and rural development that optimizes resources and neighbor relationships.


  • ​Create laws for development that foster connection, inclusivity, equity, and sustainability.


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This exhibit is proudly created by current LARCP students: Eliza Seagrist with Ayana Belk and Carson Scheer in collaboration with LARCP faculty, students, and alumni.